Next generation diamonds for next generation jewellery

Nevermined is synonymous with lab-grown diamonds. We stand for sustainable, transparent and conflict-free diamond production. As one of the first manufacturers in Germany, we are pioneering the field of lab-grown diamonds (LGD) for the jewelry industry.

In our plant in Essen, Germany, we use CVD processes to produce laboratory-grown diamonds of the highest quality for mandana – and, in the near future, for the jewellery industry, too. Our plants are powered by all-natural electricity. We are currently working to produce some of the electricity ourselves in future. We have thought through our supply chain in a completely sustainable way and make it transparent for our partners.

Established in 2021

The idea of producing diamonds in the laboratory is not new. For decades, lab-grown diamonds have been grown for the industry. Unfortunately, LGD producers have so far worked almost exclusively outside Europe. For the founder and CEO of Nevermined, Christine Marhofer, it quickly became clear: sustainability and luxury cannot be combined as long as diamonds are transported over thousands of kilometers and the production conditions remain opaque. With the mission to revolutionize diamond production, she founded Nevermined GmbH in 2021 together with Michael Marhofer in the heart of the Ruhr area.

A new era of diamonds – never mined, but lab-grown.

Lab-grown diamonds

Certified and high quality

We currently produce our laboratory-grown diamonds for our sister company mandana. In the near future, we will also supply jewellery manufacturers and other B2B customers. Nevermined GmbH will be your port of call for sourcing lab-grown diamonds – simple, fair and secure. All our diamonds with 0.5 ct and above are certified by one of the two best-known laboratories, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and confirmed in their authenticity and quality. Our in-house team of physicists, chemists and engineers work around the clock to ensure that all lab-grown diamonds meet the strictest quality standards in accordance with the 4C.

We meet the same 4C standards as mined diamonds. We are revolutionising everything necessary to ultimately produce diamonds in a fair and sustainable way.

Lab-grown diamonds are in no way inferior to natural diamonds. They are visually, chemically and physically identical to naturally grown diamonds. At Nevermined, we have conducted intensive research to create a physical formula to grow genuine diamonds of the highest purity. We grow these using the CVD process (short for ‘chemical vapour deposition’) in equipment designed for this purpose. This makes them not only more ethical than many mined diamonds, but also significantly more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability, ethics and integrity

in all areas

Compared to lab-grown diamonds, there are devastating problems associated with mined diamonds. Natural diamonds are usually mined from opencast mines and underground diamond mines. On average, over 200 tonnes of earth have to be moved to produce a single carat of mined diamond. Deforestation, deterioration in soil quality, destruction of farmland, poorer air quality, contamination of groundwater and noise pollution are often permanent and severe consequences for nature and humanity in the regions affected.

Naturally grown diamonds also engender conflict from an ethical perspective.

In some countries, the mining of diamonds is still associated with inhumane working conditions, forced labour and the exploitation of children. The Kimberley Process was launched in 2003 with the aim of preventing the trade in conflict diamonds with the help of certificates of origin. However, it is impossible to be completely certain that your natural diamond is not a conflict diamond. The certificates of origin also do not guarantee that diamonds have been mined in fair conditions.

Lab-grown diamonds can bypass all those environmental and social disadvantages. Our Nevermined diamonds are grown exclusively under guaranteed environmentally, economically and socially sustainable conditions at our Essen premises – in a climate-neutral and resource-efficient way. Production is fully powered by renewable energy. We are currently working to generate some of the electricity we use ourselves in future.

We keep our values in mind at every step of the manufacturing process. We view sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production and fair working conditions as a given. As our social responsibility is particularly close to our hearts, we support EarthChild e.V.. The charity has launched the Earth Child Project. Here, children learn to build a deeper, mindful connection to themselves and to nature. This is done, for example, by building classrooms where children from disadvantaged schools can participate in yoga classes, mindfulness exercises and meditation. Children are also taught to grow vegetables using methods such as ‘worm farms’. We are proud to be part of this organisation.


Handmade and sustainable diamond jewellery

As a mother of three children, founder Christine Marhofer burned for the idea of creating something valuable and lasting for future generations herself. For this reason, she founded mandana – Next Generation Jewellery for Next Generation Customers in parallel with Nevermined. In the languages of India, “mandana” means “ornament” or “decoration”. The premium brand handcrafts sustainable and high class diamond jewelry. From lab-grown Nevermined rough diamonds to processing with recycled 750 gold (18 carat) in Europe to the finished jewelry collection. mandana is one of the few companies in europe that produces jewelry with specially grown lab-grown diamonds.

Nevermined was founded to revolutionise diamond production. mandana has arrived to herald a transformation: to an age where we express our values through jewellery. Both companies come together on our premises in the city of Essen in the Ruhr Valley.