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Top model Nadine Mirada shines as brand ambassador for “Next Generation Jewellery” brand mandana

She shoots campaigns all over the world and stands up for female empowerment and body positivity in front of her half a million Instagram fans: Austrian top model Nadine Mirada rightly graces the covers of international magazines. The 34-year-old owes her success not only to her beauty, but above all to her courage to repeatedly break with the prejudices of the fashion world. In keeping with her motto “Always shine twice”, Mirada stands for social and ecological responsibility, naturalness, authenticity and diversity alongside luxury, elegance and glamor. In short: for Conscious Luxury. Just like the German premium jewellery brand mandana.

Nadine Mirada, top model:

“Authenticity is a top priority for me as a model and is definitely my personal secret to success. I’ve been waiting a long time for a brand partner like mandana that represents my values and is sustainable, luxurious, natural and glamorous.“

Sustainability is particularly important to the jewellery brand. For its collections, mandana only uses recycled 750 gold (18 carat). The brand lovingly manufactures all individual pieces by hand under fair conditions within Europe. In addition, mandana uses laboratory-grown diamonds, including specially produced Nevermined diamonds – sustainable, transparent and, above all, conflict-free. This is because natural stones mined in mines would have a devastating impact on people and nature. For the future, mandana aims to process only Nevermined diamonds produced in its own laboratory.

Christine Marhofer, Founder and CEO of mandana and Nevermined:

„Our goal when launching mandana was to finally offer sustainable, fairly produced and priced luxury jewellery without having to sacrifice real diamonds. Our Nevermined diamonds, grown in our own laboratory, meet the same 4C standards as natural diamonds, but we are revolutionizing everything that is needed to produce diamond jewellery in a contemporary way. The fact that Nadine is as passionate about our values as we are is a ‘perfect match’. We both believe that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We believe that a piece of jewellery does not gain value through scarcity, but through its contribution to a sustainable future. And we consider status symbols to be valuable if they have thought about sustainable production. For us, Conscious Luxury means investing in a piece of jewellery because it embodies the most important values of our time. This is what we want to work towards together in our partnership in the future.“

First campaign: „Venice Day & Night“

In October 2023, Nadine Mirada stood in front of the lens for the first time for a campaign shoot for mandana. In Venice, where timeless beauty meets modern glamor, the top model presented breathtaking pieces of jewellery that capture the essence of the fascinating city – in the lively nightlife as well as on a vibrant autumn day in Italy.


Each piece in the Eternity Pear Solitaire-line is set with a 1-carat lab-grown diamond in a classic, timeless pear cut. The line’s ensemble, consisting of a bracelet, necklace, ear studs and ring, outshines the lights of the night and adds a touch of luxury and class to any outfit.


The ring and necklace from the Trinity Shine line skilfully set the scene for elegant, casual outfits. The 18-karat white gold ring is adorned with a radiant 3-carat lab-grown diamond. The octagonal ring band, which symbolizes the mandana Jewellery logo, is set with pavé-style lab-grown diamonds on two sides. The pendant of the necklace follows the design of the ring with its 2-carat lab-grown diamond. The two pieces of jewellery are cleverly combined with the ear studs from the Trinity Shine line.


The extraordinary pieces of jewellery in the Trinity Trickle line are available in three different shades of gold, each combined with a lab-grown diamond with a different cut. The shape of the diamonds is reflected in the gold elements. In combination, the color alloys and cuts create a stylish, extraordinary ensemble. The Trickle line is combined here with a stud earring from the Plurality Motion line.


The 18 carat yellow gold jewellery pieces from the Trinity Rise line set enchanting accents: The set consists of a ring, a bangle, earrings and a necklace, in which the lab-grown diamonds arranged in ascending order symbolize the growth of the diamond in the lab and give each piece that little bit extra.


The pieces of jewellery from the Solitaire and Plurality Motion lines in 18-carat white gold are a real eye-catcher and create a glamorous contrast to dark outfits. The sporty and dynamic design of the jewellery pieces blends seamlessly into any modern or elegant look. The pieces in the Solitaire Motion line are the perfect complement to the main line Plurality Motion.

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Next generation diamonds for next generation jewellery

Nevermined GmbH was founded in 2021 by Christine Seifert and Michael Marhofer in Essen, Germany. In the heart of the Ruhr region, Nevermined grow genuine laboratory diamonds of the highest quality standards according to the 4C. The stones are used in premium fine jewellery from partner brand mandana. As one of the first manufacturers of its kind in Germany, Nevermined is doing pioneering work for the jewellery industry in the field of lab-grown diamonds and is committed to transparent and conflict-free production. Driven by the values of our time, the Nevermined team is particularly passionate about sustainability. That is why the brand powers its production exclusively on renewable energy.

About mandana

Next generation jewellery for next generation customers

The neo-luxury jewellery brand mandana was founded in 2021 by Christine Seifert and creates high-quality jewellery collections with Nevermined diamonds grown especially in Germany. The brand represents ‘conscious luxury’: all mandana jewellery is made from recycled 750 gold (18 carat) and is holistically entirely sustainable – from production to packaging. The brand represents strong values and ideals. Sustainability, diversity, fairness, respect, mindfulness, social justice and women’s empowerment shape everything mandana does. The mission: to spark change – and usher in an age where we express our values through jewellery.