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Luxury Jewellery Brand Launches Motion Red Carpet Collection Made From Lab-Grown Diamonds With Brand Ambassador Nadine Mirada

  • Premium fine jewellery brand mandana launches Motion Red Carpet Collection made from lab-grown diamonds
  • International top model Nadine Mirada acts as brand ambassador for mandana
  • mandana uses its own lab-grown diamonds from sister company Nevermined in sustainable jewellery made from recycled 750 gold (18 carat)
  • The official mandana launch is set to take place in July 2023

With the Motion Red Carpet Collection, the new premium fine jewellery brand mandana has designed a jewellery collection that was created especially for a glamorous appearance on the red carpet. The Collection combines modern, technical design with timeless elegance. Its ascending diamond arrangement and modern yet glamorous design are sure to captivate. Over 130 ct of the finest lab-grown diamonds are radiant in recycled precious 18 carat white gold, giving the jewellery in the collection everlasting worth.

What makes this collection unique is the arrangement of the diamonds. They sit on individual, flexible strands in an ascending arrangement, giving the impression that they are growing in size. This arrangement gives the jewellery collection a dynamic yet luxurious look while symbolising the fascinating growth process of lab-grown diamonds.

The Motion Red Carpet Collection includes two stunning necklaces, one adorned with 25 ct and another featuring over 67 ct, which flatter the neckline fabulously. The collection is enhanced by a bangle of over 37 ct and a ring featuring over 3 ct that add luxurious sparkle to any wrist and finger. Earrings that frame the face with approx. 6 ct of sparkling lab-grown diamonds complete the look.

With the international top model Nadine Mirada, with her natural glamour and elegant style, true to her motto ‘always shine twice’, mandana is working with a brand ambassador who represents the brand’s values. Namely: luxury, elegance and glamour, as well as social and environmental responsibility, naturalness, authenticity and diversity, in short – conscious luxury.

Authenticity is a top priority for me as a model and is definitely my own secret to success. I have been waiting a long time for a brand like mandana that represents my values while being sustainable, luxurious, natural and glamorous.
Nadine Mirada

New Premium Fine Jewellery brand mandana

For luxury that doesn’t cost the earth

Official launch of mandana July 2023

The new premium fine jewellery brand mandana turns its own lab-grown diamonds from sister company Nevermined into sustainable jewellery made of recycled 750 gold (18 carat). By using recycled gold in every piece of mandana jewellery, it helps reduce the demand for new gold and take responsibility for the jewellery industry’s environmental footprint.

But to produce sustainable jewellery, not only recycled gold and laboratory diamonds from certified partners are used: lab-grown diamonds of the highest quality are grown under the umbrella of sister brand Nevermined – taking a transparent, local and sustainable approach using renewable energy sources.

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About mandana

Next Generation Jewellery for Next Generation Customers

The neo-luxury jewellery brand mandana was founded in 2021 by Christine Seifert and creates high-quality jewellery collections with Nevermined diamonds grown especially in Germany. The brand represents ‘conscious luxury’: all mandana jewellery is made from recycled 750 gold (18 carat) and is holistically entirely sustainable – from production to packaging. The brand represents strong values and ideals. Sustainability, diversity, fairness, respect, mindfulness, social justice and women’s empowerment shape everything mandana does. The mission: to spark change – and usher in an age where we express our values through jewellery.